Our Crematory

Our Crematory

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care for all cremation families. All cremation services are provided on site by our highly trained and licensed staff. Utilizing our state of the art crematorium, we ensure the highest level of respect to the deceased throughout the cremation process in addition to personalized service choices and price options for all families. From the first call to the conclusion of the services you select, your loved one never leaves our care.

We offer an on site crematory


In 2015, the Bryant family opened Androscoggin Valley Crematory, LLC, a state of the art crematorium at our Berlin location.

We have four Certified Crematory Operators on staff. Ed, Laurie, David and Katherine all attended training to become certified and must continue to meet continuing education requirements to remain licensed. In order to protect the integrity of the deceased, they are the only four people with access to facility which remains secured at all times. The facility is also under 24 hour video surveillance monitoring.

Since opening the facility, over 1,600 cremations have been performed.

You entrust your loved ones into our care. We take our role extremely seriously, regardless of the service type a family has chosen. Our crematory operators follow specific policies and procedures to ensure that every individual is returned properly.

We have maintenance technicians continually travel to the facility and inspect the retort, replace any parts as needed, and ensure that the machine is in optimum working condition. The manufacturer can also monitor the machine remotely from their Florida operations center. Should something go wrong with the machine, they can remotely diagnose it and adjust the controls to ensure every cremation is completed efficiently.

Cremation Standards of Care

  1. Most importantly, your loved one NEVER leaves our care
    We oversee the cremation process from the first notifications of a death until the cremated remains are returned to you or in their final resting place.
  2. Safeguarding Personal Identity
    We take the personal identity of every person entrusted to our care extremely seriously. As soon as a decedent is taken into our care, they receive a non-removable wrist bracelet (similar to one you would receive at a medical facility) to ensure the identity of the deceased is never compromised. Even if a decedent is well known to all the staff here, they receive a bracelet, no exceptions.
  3. Checks and Balances
    All necessary documentation and legal requirements must be verified prior to the decedent being transferred to the crematory.
    1. Cremation Authorization form. This document must be signed by the next or kin or authorizing agent.
    2. Burial Transit Permit
    3. NH Medical Examiners Release for Cremation
    4. Verification that 48 hours have elapsed from the time of death. This is New Hampshire state law.
  4. ID Disc
    Once a decedent is transferred to the crematory, they are assigned a unique identification disc. This disc's unique number is labeled on the cremation paperwork, and follows the decedent through every step of the cremation process. This number is also recorded into our cremation log book which is maintained in our permanent record.
  5. After the Cremation
    Once the cremation process is complete, the ID disc is attached to the cremated remains and placed in the urn chosen by the family. The cremated remains will then be returned to the funeral home for services or release to the family.

Honoring Life

We will be happy to assist you planning a funeral or memorial service (either before or after the cremation) that is suitably tailored to your loved one.

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