Our Crematory

Our Crematory

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care for all cremation families. All cremation services are provided on site by our highly trained and licensed staff. Utilizing our state of the art crematorium, we ensure the highest level of respect to the deceased throughout the cremation process in addition to personalized service choices and price options for all families. From the first call to the conclusion of the services you select, your loved one never leaves our care.

We offer an on site crematory


In 2015 the Bryant family installed a state of the art crematory at the Berlin funeral home to further assist the families we serve. In honor of our amazing area, it is named Androscoggin Valley Crematory.

We have four certified crematory operators. Ed, Laurie, David and Katherine all attended a crematory operator certification training and must continue to meet continuing education requirements to remain licensed. In order to protect the dignity of the deceased, they are the only four with access to the facility which remains secured at all times.

Cremation Standards of Care

  1. Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care
    Many other funeral homes use offsite crematoriums, as we once did. Since 2015 we have performed all of our cremations at our secure on site facility. This means that your loved ones cremation is handled by our trained and licensed staff.
  2. Safeguarding Identity
    To ensure security and to safeguard your loved ones identity, a non-removable personal identification band is placed on your loved one the moment they are transferred into our care.
  3. Tracking Disc
    Each personal brought to our crematorium for cremation is assigned a unique identification disc. This disc follows your loved one throughout the cremation process. This unique number is entered into the cremation chamber or retort, as well as one all required documentation.
  4. Checks and Balances
    1. Prior to your loved one entering the crematorium, two of our staff members dress them with clothes the family provides or in a gown that we would provide. The identification band is checked by both staff members, and your loved one is then transferred to the crematory.
    2. Medical Examiner: in accordance with New Hampshire law, an Assistant Deputy Medical Examiner comes to the funeral home, reviews all documentation and examines your loved one to ensure all hazardous implants (pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.) are removed and that no personal effects aside from clothing are present. Then, they sign a Certificate of Cremation, allowing us to legally proceed with the cremation process.
    3. Documentation Review: the crematory operator assigned to your loved ones case, once again reviews all documentation making sure that everything is present and is properly filled out. Using our in house checklist, they sign the permit, enter your loved ones information into our cremation logbook, and then begin the cremation process. The ID disc and all paperwork, follow the decedent throughout the cremation process, until they are returned to the funeral home.
  5. After The Cremation
    After the cremation process is complete, your loved ones cremated remains are placed into the urn you selected. The stainless steel identification disc and a certificate of cremation are also placed in the urn with the cremated remains. Our staff with then coordinate bringing the cremated remains to the services as arranged with the funeral home or will coordinate a time with the next of kin to return the cremated remains to your care, either by hand delivering your loved ones cremated remains, or allowing you to come to the funeral home where your loved ones cremated remains will be in a respectful setting and you will have the opportunity to spend some time privately.

Some families wish to be present at the beginning of the cremation process. Please ask one of our funeral directors for more information about Witnessed Cremation.

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